Carpet details logo_redWhy is Carpet Details the best?
Why do spots continue to reappear on your carpet weeks after using most household carpet spotters? If this sounds familiar, then Carpet Details spotter is the solution!

Most detergent based carpet spotters clean the spot but they leave a sticky residue on the carpet fibers that attract and hold dirt (especially in traffic areas). The residues left behind cause spots to reappear. Continued use of these products creates an endless cycle of reappearing spots and frustration.
Carpet Details Spotter is an All-Natural product formulated using only clean, clear minerals that are environmentally safe for your family and pets. In fact, it is so safe it is USDA approved.

Carpet Details Spotter has been tested and approved by the top fiber producers in the world to be safe for use on all fibers even the newer stain-resistant fibers being produced today. It will not invalidate your new carpet performance warranties.

Carpet Details Spotter is odorless, not needing a fragrance to hide detergent odors found in most popular carpet spotters.


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Carpet Details Spotter – 32 oz each $ 9.25
Carpet Details Spotter – *Refill – 16 oz each $ 2.75
Carpet Details Spotter – *Refill – 16 oz 3 packs $ 7.25
Carpet Details Spotter – *Refill – 32 oz each $ 4.95
Carpet Details Spotter – *Refill – 32 oz 3 packs $ 13.85

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