Specialty Cleaning

At Jeffrey’s, we’re committed to delivering the best carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service you can find. Our professional deep cleaning service provides the quality, care and maintenance necessary to extend the life of your floors. Jeffrey’s professional deep cleaning hot water extraction services go beyond carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, concrete, stone, granite, cultured marble and area rug cleaning. Our truck mounted cleaning systems are custom designed to provide optimal service with any service we offer.  We have been cleaning flooring and textiles since 1977.


All of our cleaning services are figured on a per square foot basis. No hidden costs and no minimum room requirements. We offer pet odor enzyme treatments and Teflon carpet protectant at an additional cost. Please call us for a free no obligation estimate.

Maintenance Program:

Jeffrey’s offers and recommends our Maintenance Program for carpet and tile/grout cleaning. Anyone can qualify for the maintenance program after an initial cleaning. All anyone has to do to be on the maintenance program is to have a desire to keep their carpet looking cleaner and formally ask to be put on our maintenance customer list.
1. We will contact you every 6 months to remind you its time for your traffic area “touch-up” which is necessary to preserve a satisfactory appearance level. (No hard selling, I promise!) You may also call us anytime if you need a touch-up in between reminders.
2. All maintenance customers will need to have at least two (2) cleanings per year to qualify for continuance on the program and its discounted special pricing. Some exceptions for owner occupied seasonal residents will be allowed with prior confirmation.
3. The charges for carpet maintenance are based on the machine time used to clean the carpet. The rate is $105.00 per machine hour, divided into tenths, with a $95.00 minimum (local areas). You pay only for the time spent cleaning the carpeting.


Odors can be bothersome and especially frustrating when you can’t get rid of them. Jeffrey’s offers several solutions depending on the circumstance. Our ozone machine can take out any odors once the source is removed. We also offer enzyme treatments for urine, feces and blood removal.